Welcome at Peralta Clothing

At Peralta Clothing believe in the slow fashion movement therefore ,creating our project respecting the environment for our children upcycling and reusing a lot of materials and when Peralta Clothing started some years back in clothing industry as a hobby in a house room and later at the garage.

I always told myself that one day I will make this brand Internationally known for high value Quality over quantity Products.

Peralta Clothing started on a very small scale and always focused on providing Finest Quality taking into account the client’s and market wishes.

As a team member I work very hard on all models, Prototypes and quality tests to establish the differentiation and uniqueness feeling which enabled us to provide the best quality and Custom designing services.

We will be happy to work with you doing exactly what our world needs.

Peralta Clothing creates its collections using primarily upcycled fabrics which are left over from larger car companies, cars productions lines , old plastic cans and material from private design studios , as well as new materials made from organic / sustainable fibers like organic cotton.

We at Peralta Clothing produce handmade products in our studio and in the event that we hire production, we work exclusively with local families . As a result, we are able to be closely involved in each step of the production process.

Peralta Clothing provides direct products to clients all over the globe without using a lot of packaging respecting the environment without using extra packaging or absurd bags.

Peralta Clothing

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